Udomorn is a frost giant and now chieftain of this clan, allied with the PCs.


Udomorn, still quite young and brash by Frost Giant standards, has had an uneasy task of assuming the mantle of chieftain of his clan, since defeating his father. A few other Frost Giants sought to rise up against him and challenge him for the throne, but his quickly growing battle prowess and the fact that he wields the Axe of the Molten Glacier repelled any would be usurpers.

Over the last six months, Udomorn has kept his word of providing aid in the battle against the Vassans. He has orchestrated small forays, as small as can be considered in respect to Frost Giants, into camps held by the Vassans and dispatched them. This mainly consisted of his soldiers tossing volleys of ice boulders into the camps and then stepping on any runners. Simple, but quite effective. A very proud creature, Udomorn quickly tells of his exploits so as to make sure his clan knows he is an effective leader.

Each morning, Udomorn takes his pet winter wolf, Utgaror, on a hunt to bring back personally, food for the clan. He knows he doesn’t necessarily need to do this, but acting as chieftain only affords him certain windows of time to be out and on the hunt. Recently, Udomorn has been seen talking with a Frost Giant shamaness having seemingly taken a liking to her. He has tried to remain subtle about it…as subtle as a Frost Giant can be.


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