Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Vassan Assassinations Part 11

We come through another portal to find a horrible, hellish room with a goristro demon and a marilith. Gavrin is there. We kill the marilith and some other creatures that show up, keeping us from killing Gavrin. As we do so, he runs through another portal.
End Session
Gain 15,000 xp for a total of 115,850. We have 22,900 gp. Gain Weapon of Healing +5 (ignore Mace restriction – Pete can use it on his crossbow)

Vassan Assassinations Part 10

After the disaster at Fellworth Keep, the party decides to go back to House Trayven and tell them what happened. They’ll give us some information in exchange for a Dragonscale Shield. We find out there is an elf in town looking for a Priest of Orcus that has been seen wearing a Warlock Knights ring. We find the elf at the Haunted Pier Inn. He is a wood elf with a very nice crossbow that catches our eye. He is Ioldor and tells us he’s looking for the priest, Garvin, to exact revenge for the murder of his own wife. The Church of Orcus is working with the Warlock Knights. Ioldor will join us and we’ll find Garvin. Ioldor knows of a portal to the Temple of Orcus. We’ll try ot find out if Garvin is the Warlock Knight Council member we’ve been looking for and which trading house he’s associated with. Then we will kill him. We find out the portal goes to the abyss. We go anyway. This is a nice place to be. We immediately encounter Rot Harbingers. As we’re fighting them, Garvin shows up. He flees again pretty quickly through the portal he came from. We kill the things then follow Garvin. We pop up in an icy room with him and a bunch of other stuff. We kill his things and he runs off. Short rest and we’ll follow him.
No XP awarded correct? (Jeff has a google doc w/ all our stats, dailies, etc.)

Vassan Assassinations Part 9

The party arrives at Fellwroth Keep to kill Vargas. It’s not going so well. There is a golem and some other things. The keep reacts and attacks us when we hit Vargas. A chandelier literally falls on Lola’s head. Aurun dies. Silfen finally hauls out a dying Lola. Tark tries to get X out before he dies. He gets X safe and makes a stand against Vargas by himself. Meanwhile Silfen stabilizes Lola and X and gets healing potions off Aurun’s body. X is back up and helps Tark as Silfen returns for Lola’s unconscious body. X and Tark join Silfen and Lola; we escape.
6000 XP awarded for a total of 102,850; we are to take level 18

Vassan Assassinations Part 8

In the 50th session of the campaign, the party arrives at Dead Man’s Cross. In attempting the ritual (skill check) our efforts bring forth a balor. We fight him off until Silfen and Aurun are able to successfully open the portal. We run through the portal and are in the center of the throne room of House Traven. Victus Traven, her guards and advisors, and Maralur Traven, the Lord we didn’t even know about are all there. We quickly try to ferret out the Warlock Knight council member. They don’t seem to know anything about the Warlock Knights or the politics of Damara and Vassa. We begin to suspect that Vargas was wrong or was lying. We strike a deal with Lord Maralur to find out what house is working with the Warlock Knights. We will give him the location of Vargas just to get out of here and some gold or favors to get the information from him. We’ll help kill Vargas and destroy his phylactery, we’ll exile Elika to save her and give a writ of introduction to our lords to help him establish some business. He’ll try to get us the information for the price of a 13th level item. One of his lieutenants will come with us, Karth. We’ll head out now. Gain 3500 XP for a total of 96,850.

Vassan Assassinations Part 7

In our continuing effort to take down House Trayven, who we believe to be working with the Warlock Knights, we have cleared out the ruin of Fellwroth Keep at the behest of Vargas Fellwroth. In the ruin we find a girl named Eleka Fellwroth in a cell. She claims to be a descendant of the house and came here looking for family artifacts. We take her back with us to meet Vargas. They do not know of each other but she stays and discusses their family’s history as we head off to the undercity to a location where many members of House Fellwroth died during the Severing. We are here to retrieve an artifact that will help us in our quest – a magical shield. We find the old house and some undead guarding it. We defeat them and retrieve the Dragonscale Shield (level 19; Aurun is holding onto it). Upon returning to Vargas, he tells us that the shield will allow us to perform a ritual and open a portal to the throne room of House Traven. This ritual must be performed at Dead Man’s Cross – an intersection of 5 roads outside of Gloomwrought where people tend to get pulled into the Shadowfell. This is a dangerous ritual that kills most who attempt it. On our way to Dead Man’s Cross, we encounter a death giant and 2 night walkers. Silfen utters the expletive of his people, “Dicktits!” We defeat them, travel on and rest.
End Session with 5000 XP awarded, for a total of 93,350.

Vassan Assassinations Part 6

As the PCs head to the Shattered Isles, they are accosted by the Charnel brothers, Nicolai and Grigori. the PCs defeat them handily. The PCs then infiltrate the keep and kill a fell tentcled thing beneath it. The PCs then proceed to clear the rest of the keep, and at the end find a damsel in distress.

Vassan Assassinations Part 5

The PCs help Seada Dario defend her dock from the depredations of a group of vampire attackers. Seada rewards the PCs with a family heirloom and points them to Harskel’s Emporium to get any of their other questions answered. After that, the PCs attmept to sneak into Fellwroth keep and end up in a battle with a lich and his minions. After the PCs prove their worth, the lich parleys and introduces himself as Vargas Fellwroth, and last member of the family. He wants to help the PCs take down House Traven, and asks them to liberate the old family keep in the Shattered Isles.

Vassan Assassinations Part 4

The PCs meet Yulliel and Noura at a different inn, the Prancing Barghest, where they reunite Theran with his daughter. The PCs next plan to head to Gloomwrought, to kill the head of a noble house there that is in league with the Warlock Knights. The PCs meet up with a half elf pirate named Kent, and her first mate Olaf, of the ship the intrepid virgin. In Hulberg, the Silfen takes on a butler name Niven Four-fingers.

Once in Gloomwrought the PCs agree to help Seada Dario defend her new dock from some attackers. They also visit Harksel’s emporium and learn that the Harskels are a leading merchant family in Gloomwrought. Poliver, the manager of the store, is willing to trade information if the PCs can track down who Krykus, a duergar who works for house Traven, recently bought a magic item for. The PCs find him at the Jagged Dagger inn and a chase ensues. The PCs find a note on him indicating he is to deliver the orb he purchased to Fellwroth Ruin.

Vassan Assassinations Part 3

The PCs infiltrate the city of Telos and get a room at the Mystic Vixen tap room. The PCs then ask around town (which in under curfew and martial law) for information about Jamendithas. At the Hairy Troll Tavern, the pcs learn he has a predilection for halfings and spends much of his time at the Radiant Harlot, a brothel in town. The PCs also learn that he has Lord Dragonspike as a captive. Lola is able to seduce Jamendithas and convince him to take her for a concubine. She lives with him for several days, but is caught when she finally makes a move to attack him. At that point, he takes lola to where Theran is held, and the PCs intervene and save Lola and Theran, but Jamendithas gets away.

Vassan Assassinations Part 2

The PCs meet with Yuliliel and Noura at the Vulture’s grotto. Their first target is the High radiance of Telos named Jemandethis Lightbringer. The PCs sneak into the high city of Telos, where he lives, via the sewers.


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