Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Vassan Assassinations Part 6

As the PCs head to the Shattered Isles, they are accosted by the Charnel brothers, Nicolai and Grigori. the PCs defeat them handily. The PCs then infiltrate the keep and kill a fell tentcled thing beneath it. The PCs then proceed to clear the rest of the keep, and at the end find a damsel in distress.

Vassan Assassinations Part 5

The PCs help Seada Dario defend her dock from the depredations of a group of vampire attackers. Seada rewards the PCs with a family heirloom and points them to Harskel’s Emporium to get any of their other questions answered. After that, the PCs attmept to sneak into Fellwroth keep and end up in a battle with a lich and his minions. After the PCs prove their worth, the lich parleys and introduces himself as Vargas Fellwroth, and last member of the family. He wants to help the PCs take down House Traven, and asks them to liberate the old family keep in the Shattered Isles.

Vassan Assassinations Part 4

The PCs meet Yulliel and Noura at a different inn, the Prancing Barghest, where they reunite Theran with his daughter. The PCs next plan to head to Gloomwrought, to kill the head of a noble house there that is in league with the Warlock Knights. The PCs meet up with a half elf pirate named Kent, and her first mate Olaf, of the ship the intrepid virgin. In Hulberg, the Silfen takes on a butler name Niven Four-fingers.

Once in Gloomwrought the PCs agree to help Seada Dario defend her new dock from some attackers. They also visit Harksel’s emporium and learn that the Harskels are a leading merchant family in Gloomwrought. Poliver, the manager of the store, is willing to trade information if the PCs can track down who Krykus, a duergar who works for house Traven, recently bought a magic item for. The PCs find him at the Jagged Dagger inn and a chase ensues. The PCs find a note on him indicating he is to deliver the orb he purchased to Fellwroth Ruin.

Vassan Assassinations Part 3

The PCs infiltrate the city of Telos and get a room at the Mystic Vixen tap room. The PCs then ask around town (which in under curfew and martial law) for information about Jamendithas. At the Hairy Troll Tavern, the pcs learn he has a predilection for halfings and spends much of his time at the Radiant Harlot, a brothel in town. The PCs also learn that he has Lord Dragonspike as a captive. Lola is able to seduce Jamendithas and convince him to take her for a concubine. She lives with him for several days, but is caught when she finally makes a move to attack him. At that point, he takes lola to where Theran is held, and the PCs intervene and save Lola and Theran, but Jamendithas gets away.

Vassan Assassinations Part 2

The PCs meet with Yuliliel and Noura at the Vulture’s grotto. Their first target is the High radiance of Telos named Jemandethis Lightbringer. The PCs sneak into the high city of Telos, where he lives, via the sewers.

Vassan Assassinations Part 1

The PCs are headed to meet with Yulliel and Noura at the Vulture’s Grotto when they are waylaid by a warlock knight named Gregor. He accuses the PCs of war crimes and uses an item known as Telos’ will to banish the PCs to demi-plane. There the PCs defeat the fire giants that inhabit the plane and escape back to the realms.

To the Great Glacier Pt 7

The pCs make their way back to Udomorn’s camp. Along the way, they are attacked by frost giants and run into his pet winter wolf, Utgaror. The wolf has a note from Thiazi, the shaman of the tribe, requesting that Udomorn return immediately, as his father, Meingloth, has accepted an iron ring and is ready to lead the tribe to war, though Thiazi suspects treachery.

The PCs catch up with Thiazi, who points them to the Axe of the Molten Glacier, a weapon he could use in a duel against his father. Udomorn then fights and defeats his father with the help of the PCs. Udomorn then takes over leadership of the tribe and pledges to support the PCs.

To the Great Glacier Pt 6

The PCs confront the beholder master of the town Xolov and defeat him, free Oramox, and escape the town unscathed.

To the Great Glacier Pt 5

The PCs meet a ghost beholder named Oramox, who is bound to the city bu Xolov. The PCs learn from him that Xolov is attempting to raise an undead army using an ancient artifact known as the Cauldron of Ice. The PCs move to the cauldron and fight its guardian, a lich known as the restless one. The PCs cant destroy the cauldron, but are able to create some useful magic items with the cauldron.

To the Great Glacier Pt 4

The PCs find a jail in the city and release a clanless frost giant named Yoten and a artic dwarf named Guagar Burnfrost. The PCs work to thaw a frozen Goliath, and also stop a beholder who is thawing the area.


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