Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Nentyarch's Pact Pt 3

After returning, the PCs get help from the Nentyarch in the form of 3 guerrilla units. As the PCs leave the Great Dale, they encounter the same shadowy Yuan-Ti who helped them escape Dragonspike, who leads them on a quest to kill a dragon named Dawn who has corrupted some Yuan-Ti to worship her. The PCs confronted the dragon but she escaped.

Nentyarch's Pact Pt 2

The PCs travel to the City of Brass to close the portal to the Abyss in the Dunwood, The PCs hire an imp named Lizkit to guide them to the elemental chaos to the Abyss. The PCs manage to close the gate just as a Baylor named Karama arrived. The Baylor swears vengeance against the PCs for destroying the portal.

Nentyarch's Pact Pt 1

The PCs head to Yeshelmarr to meet with the Nentyarch. The PCs meet a member of the circle named Chenarra who asks them to retreive informaton from a missing ally. The PCs go to his tower and defeat the Foulspawn that had taken up residence there, Chenarra agrees to sponsor the PCs.

Wilderness Trail Pt 2

The PCs continue their travels through the Demon hauned Dunwood, fighting demons including a Goristro, on their way to the circle of Lleth in the forst of Lethyr.

XP: 1250, 27,250 total

Wilderness Trail Pt 1

The PCs leave Dragonspike going to the Great Dale to attempt to get help from the Nentyarch. Along the way the PCs find a ancient dungeon that contains a mural that shows lizard/snake people being hit by a large meteor. The PCs agree to hide the location for its Naga guardian to avoid a fight. as the PCs continue their travels, they are confronted by a large Vassan patrol. To escape, X and Lola swear fealty to a Warlock Knight named Shakas Wyvernjack.

Remember the Dragonspike Pt 1

After the PCs save Therin, he tells them he must continue on to muster Damara’s forces but needs them to return to the keep and get his family and the Dragonspike to safety. The PCs return to the castle to find it under attack by the Vassans, They seal a portal being used by the Vassans to evade, and save Orest from attack. Once the PCs arrive at the keep, they find all of the Therin’s children and wife dead except Noura. As the PCs try to escape with Noura, they are confronted by a powerful warlock knight and his minions. A shadowy figure appears and leads the PCs away in exchange for access to the Dragonspike tomb. Once in the tomb, the shadowy figure reveals itself as a Yuan-Ti and releases its Sarruhk master from his stony prison. He seems to be an enemy of some entity known as Telos, and then teleports away.

XP: 3230 23,730 total

The Pyramid of Shadows Pt 11

The PCs finally defeat the real Karavakos and escape the pyramid. They are greeted by Gholurna who tells them 6 months have passed. While she has removed Therin’s curse, the Vassans have attacked Damara. The PCs persuade Gharesh Vhren to help them, and together they help save Therin from a Vassan force.

XP: PCs advance to 10th level.

The Pyramid of Shadows Pt 10

The PCs fight and kill more Karavaos aspects.

The Pyramid of Shadows Pt 9

In this adventure, the PCs welcome the goliath Tark that they find in the Pyramid to their party. The PCs then defeat a second aspect of Karavakos. The PCs get the final shard of Karavakos from a white dragon and make Varylis whole again. She reveals she was once Karavakos’ bethrothed before he killed her.

They Pyramid of Shadows Pt 8

Auren and Aiden fall in battle to a cockatrice and an Oni. Both are turned to stone.

XP: ???


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