Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

They Pyramid of Shadows Pt 8

Auren and Aiden fall in battle to a cockatrice and an Oni. Both are turned to stone.

XP: ???

They Pyramid of Shadows Pt 7

The PCs find a splinter of Karavokos’ life force.

XP: ???

The Pyramid of Shadows Pt 6

PCs continue exploring.

XP: 670, 14253 total

The Pyramid of Shadows Pt 5

The PCs reunite Varylis with her body, only to have it turn and attack the PCs. After a tough battle the PCs are able to defeat the body and get back the orb. Through the course of the battle they learn Varylis was somehow cursed by Karavakos.

XP: 583 13,583 total

The Pyramid of Shadows Pt 4

The PCs get some information on an aspect of Karavakos from the Satyr Andaran, and get into a fight with a Otyugh known as the Charnel Lord.

XP: 817, 13,000 Total

They Pyramid of Shadows Pt 3

The PCs continue to explore the pyramid of shadows and defeat some plant creatures.

XP: 675, 12183 total

The Pyramid of Shadows Pt 2

The PCs continue exploring the Pyramid, and encounter Gharesh Vhen, a Dragonborn brigand. The PCs form an uneasy alliance and exchange information.

XP: 908

The Pyramid of Shadows Pt 1

Lord Therin has finally found the location of the witch that laid the fertility curse upon him. The PCs locate the witch Gholurna, who offers to lift the curse if the PCs kill Ziera’s uncle who is held in a mystic prison called the pyramid of shadows. His name is Karavakas, and he was once a great Nar general. The PCs travel to the pyramid and confront a ghostly Karavakos, who invites them to touch a tiny pyramid that transports them to the pyramid of shadows. The PCs quickly discover an obsidian orb that speaks directly to them and calls itself Varellies, and it urges the PCs to slay karavakos.

XP: 600


Orest Naerumar contacts the PCs requesting their help. He has a sage friend name Orland looking for information on an old Nar princess who was supposedly held in a dungeon nearby town called the tower of Waiting. The PCs agree to go explore it for him. In the tower, they find the princess herself, name Ziera, who is now a specter. In life she wished to kill her father, the Nentyarch of the Circle of Lleth and become Nentyarch herself, which is why she was imprisoned. the PCs defeat her and her demonic minions.

XP: Set XP to 7th level for all PCs

Mixed Loyalties Pt 2

After talking around Silver Creek, the PCs have dinner with the Duke and his family. After dinner, X spends some quality time with Noura. The next day, the whole party goes on a hunt with Noura, Themrald, and their family. After the hunt, Themrald and Noura are attacked by assassins and the PCs protect them. After, the PCs work with Hint, the captain of the guard, and are able to find incriminating evidence in Eldora’s chambers (with a little help from X’s drwo seduction skills, which Noura is NOT happy about). Once the PCs announce what they have found, battle erupts in the court, Land, Eldora’s personal protector, kills Hint. The PCs subdue the attackers, including Chasso, and the Duke abdicates his throne to Themrald, whose first order of business is to hang Eldora.

XP: 7500


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