Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Bitter Enemies Pt 5

The PCs reach the final room of the temple and defeat the priest of Orcus, and in reading his notes discover that Agrin is actually a priest of Azmodeus, hated enemy of Orcus and lord of Nessus. The PCs then travel to his temple and defeat him as well.

XP: 1025 (5814 total)

Bitter Enemies Pt 4

The PCs continue to explore the temple of Orcus.

XP: 679 XP (4789 total)

Bitter Enemies Pt 3

As the PCs continue to fight the undead in the town, they save a group of warriors led by a man named Argin. He points them to a temple of Orcus he believes is guilty for the undead attack.

XP: 425

Bitter Enemies Pt 2

The PCs continue fighting undead in the town of Boar Run. Much to Noura’s chagrin, they lock her up in the basement of the local tavern, The Frozen Mug.

XP: 667

Bitter Enemies Pt 1

After filling Dragonspike’s coffers from the tomb, Therin gives the PCs an even more important mission – escorting his daughter, Noura, to Silver Creek, where she is to court Themrald, the son of the local lord. The PCs make it to Boar Run, a local village along the way, and are attacked by a swarm of undead.

XP: ???

The Lost Legacy of the Dragonspike Pt 5

The PCs defeat Sharazgotul and claim the Dragonspike. They take the Dragonspike to Gurn, who in turn tells them the youngest child is a castle waif named Reginald. Once the PCs return to the tomb, they enter the sealed door and once they find the treasure room Gurn arrives and reveals himself as a servant of Shar. The PCs defeat him and claim the treasure.

The PCs also find a statue in the treasure room of what appears to be a Sarruhk,

XP:750 XP (3018 total)

Lost Legacy of Dragonspike Pt 4

PCs go to look for the dragonspike. After battles with spiders and kobolds, they are able to retrieve the spear, but also run into the green dragon Sharazgotul.

XP: 500 (2268 Total)
Loot: 1020 gp
The Dragonspike

Lost Legacy of Dragonspike Pt 3

After being attacked by some thugs, the PCs speak with Par Winomer at Blue Moon Alehouse who pointed the PCs to a local thug named Barstonum Strongbeard. The PCs locate the thugs and defeat them, as well as the Shadar Kai Shar worshippers they appear to be working for. They rescue many young children, including the youngest heir, Ausithum.

XP: 638
Loot: 1020 gp

The Lost Legacy of Dragonspike Pt 2

Cleared the catacombs and found many kidnapped children. The PCs rescued them and returned them to Dragonspike, and earned the trust of Lord Therin and his chancellor Gurn. They are now tasked with tracking down the kidnappers and the Dragonspike.

XP: 443
Loot: 570 gp, belt of vigor, bag of holding

The Lost Legacy of Dragonspike

PCs rescue child from a burning building and deliver him to his aunt in Dragonspike. The PCs then tracked the goblins to the Dragonspike catacombs and began exploring them.

XP: 687
Loot: 330 gp


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