Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Vassan Assassinations Part 1

The PCs are headed to meet with Yulliel and Noura at the Vulture’s Grotto when they are waylaid by a warlock knight named Gregor. He accuses the PCs of war crimes and uses an item known as Telos’ will to banish the PCs to demi-plane. There the PCs defeat the fire giants that inhabit the plane and escape back to the realms.

To the Great Glacier Pt 7

The pCs make their way back to Udomorn’s camp. Along the way, they are attacked by frost giants and run into his pet winter wolf, Utgaror. The wolf has a note from Thiazi, the shaman of the tribe, requesting that Udomorn return immediately, as his father, Meingloth, has accepted an iron ring and is ready to lead the tribe to war, though Thiazi suspects treachery.

The PCs catch up with Thiazi, who points them to the Axe of the Molten Glacier, a weapon he could use in a duel against his father. Udomorn then fights and defeats his father with the help of the PCs. Udomorn then takes over leadership of the tribe and pledges to support the PCs.

To the Great Glacier Pt 6

The PCs confront the beholder master of the town Xolov and defeat him, free Oramox, and escape the town unscathed.

To the Great Glacier Pt 5

The PCs meet a ghost beholder named Oramox, who is bound to the city bu Xolov. The PCs learn from him that Xolov is attempting to raise an undead army using an ancient artifact known as the Cauldron of Ice. The PCs move to the cauldron and fight its guardian, a lich known as the restless one. The PCs cant destroy the cauldron, but are able to create some useful magic items with the cauldron.

To the Great Glacier Pt 4

The PCs find a jail in the city and release a clanless frost giant named Yoten and a artic dwarf named Guagar Burnfrost. The PCs work to thaw a frozen Goliath, and also stop a beholder who is thawing the area.

To the Great Glacier Pt 3

The PCs defeat the master at arms of the keep, an undead dwarf named Kallen. They learn that the city is slowly thawing, releasing the undead monstrosities that had been held in ice for centuries. The PCs learn the general of the town is named Xolov, and they discover a temple to Auril.

To the Great Glacier Pt 2

The PCs and Udomorn head to Vaalathrim, an ancient city dedicated to Myrkul, the now deceased god of death.

To the Great Glacier Pt 1

On the way north, the PCs overcome some wendigos and an owlbear and continue north. They run into a young frost giant battling a Remorhaz. The PCs save the frost giant and learn his name is Udomorn. Udomorn had been exiled from his clan for killing a warlock knight, and offers to help the PCs go find and item of power in the north to use to get the clan’s support for Udomorn (and thus deny the warlock knights). Along the way the PCs stop to kill a couple Blizzard Dragons.

Against the Vassans Pt 2

The PCs ambush a Vassan caravan headed for Damara. The PCs also find some of the Vassan iron rings, the same sort Lola and X swore fealty to – the PCs assume these are for Damaran lords to be bound to service to the warlock knights. From there, the PCs head to the great glacier. Along the way they save some rebels in a town from warlock knights and their pet beholder.

XP:2350, 40480 total

Against the Vassans Pt 1

The PCs use a portal to infiltrate Vassa. From there, they travel to a tavern called the Vulture’s Grotto and make contact with its owner, Fenwick. In the grotto, they work with members of the resistance to create up a plan to set up a leader in the refugee camp city called Fugue. The PCs convince a half orc named Yluliel Nemesis to help lead a revolt – to do so they will need to smuggle weapons in to the refugees and remove her primary rival, a dwarf named Basalt. The PCs succeed and start a riot in the city, killing the city’s warlock knight leaders along the way.

XP: 1500


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