The Dragonspike

weapon (melee)

The Dragonspike Heroic Level

The Dragonspike is a legendary spear that has feasted upon the

blood of many dragons. It was wielded by the family of the same

name for generations until a clan of dragons united when it was

passed to a weak wielder and brought the family low.

The Dragonspike is a +2 Dragonslayer long spear with the following

properties and powers.

Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +2d8 damage, or +2d12 damage against dragons

Property: This weapon provides resist 5 against dragon breath


Property: This weapon functions as a high crit weapon against


Power (At-will): Minor Action. You may designate any dragon as

your hunter’s quarry as per the ranger ability.

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Your next attack with this weapon

against a dragon, if made before the end of your turn, gains a +5

power bonus to the attack roll and automatically ignores any

resistance the dragon has.

Power (Daily): Immediate reaction. You may force a dragon to reroll

an attack that was just made against you. You must keep the new

result, even if it is worse than the old result.


The Dragonspike

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