Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Vassan Assassinations Part 9

The party arrives at Fellwroth Keep to kill Vargas. It’s not going so well. There is a golem and some other things. The keep reacts and attacks us when we hit Vargas. A chandelier literally falls on Lola’s head. Aurun dies. Silfen finally hauls out a dying Lola. Tark tries to get X out before he dies. He gets X safe and makes a stand against Vargas by himself. Meanwhile Silfen stabilizes Lola and X and gets healing potions off Aurun’s body. X is back up and helps Tark as Silfen returns for Lola’s unconscious body. X and Tark join Silfen and Lola; we escape.
6000 XP awarded for a total of 102,850; we are to take level 18



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