Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Vassan Assassinations Part 8

In the 50th session of the campaign, the party arrives at Dead Man’s Cross. In attempting the ritual (skill check) our efforts bring forth a balor. We fight him off until Silfen and Aurun are able to successfully open the portal. We run through the portal and are in the center of the throne room of House Traven. Victus Traven, her guards and advisors, and Maralur Traven, the Lord we didn’t even know about are all there. We quickly try to ferret out the Warlock Knight council member. They don’t seem to know anything about the Warlock Knights or the politics of Damara and Vassa. We begin to suspect that Vargas was wrong or was lying. We strike a deal with Lord Maralur to find out what house is working with the Warlock Knights. We will give him the location of Vargas just to get out of here and some gold or favors to get the information from him. We’ll help kill Vargas and destroy his phylactery, we’ll exile Elika to save her and give a writ of introduction to our lords to help him establish some business. He’ll try to get us the information for the price of a 13th level item. One of his lieutenants will come with us, Karth. We’ll head out now. Gain 3500 XP for a total of 96,850.



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