Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Vassan Assassinations Part 4

The PCs meet Yulliel and Noura at a different inn, the Prancing Barghest, where they reunite Theran with his daughter. The PCs next plan to head to Gloomwrought, to kill the head of a noble house there that is in league with the Warlock Knights. The PCs meet up with a half elf pirate named Kent, and her first mate Olaf, of the ship the intrepid virgin. In Hulberg, the Silfen takes on a butler name Niven Four-fingers.

Once in Gloomwrought the PCs agree to help Seada Dario defend her new dock from some attackers. They also visit Harksel’s emporium and learn that the Harskels are a leading merchant family in Gloomwrought. Poliver, the manager of the store, is willing to trade information if the PCs can track down who Krykus, a duergar who works for house Traven, recently bought a magic item for. The PCs find him at the Jagged Dagger inn and a chase ensues. The PCs find a note on him indicating he is to deliver the orb he purchased to Fellwroth Ruin.



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