Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Vassan Assassinations Part 3

The PCs infiltrate the city of Telos and get a room at the Mystic Vixen tap room. The PCs then ask around town (which in under curfew and martial law) for information about Jamendithas. At the Hairy Troll Tavern, the pcs learn he has a predilection for halfings and spends much of his time at the Radiant Harlot, a brothel in town. The PCs also learn that he has Lord Dragonspike as a captive. Lola is able to seduce Jamendithas and convince him to take her for a concubine. She lives with him for several days, but is caught when she finally makes a move to attack him. At that point, he takes lola to where Theran is held, and the PCs intervene and save Lola and Theran, but Jamendithas gets away.



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