Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Vassan Assassinations Part 10

After the disaster at Fellworth Keep, the party decides to go back to House Trayven and tell them what happened. They’ll give us some information in exchange for a Dragonscale Shield. We find out there is an elf in town looking for a Priest of Orcus that has been seen wearing a Warlock Knights ring. We find the elf at the Haunted Pier Inn. He is a wood elf with a very nice crossbow that catches our eye. He is Ioldor and tells us he’s looking for the priest, Garvin, to exact revenge for the murder of his own wife. The Church of Orcus is working with the Warlock Knights. Ioldor will join us and we’ll find Garvin. Ioldor knows of a portal to the Temple of Orcus. We’ll try ot find out if Garvin is the Warlock Knight Council member we’ve been looking for and which trading house he’s associated with. Then we will kill him. We find out the portal goes to the abyss. We go anyway. This is a nice place to be. We immediately encounter Rot Harbingers. As we’re fighting them, Garvin shows up. He flees again pretty quickly through the portal he came from. We kill the things then follow Garvin. We pop up in an icy room with him and a bunch of other stuff. We kill his things and he runs off. Short rest and we’ll follow him.
No XP awarded correct? (Jeff has a google doc w/ all our stats, dailies, etc.)



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