Forgotten Realms 4E campaign

Vassan Assassinations Part 7

In our continuing effort to take down House Trayven, who we believe to be working with the Warlock Knights, we have cleared out the ruin of Fellwroth Keep at the behest of Vargas Fellwroth. In the ruin we find a girl named Eleka Fellwroth in a cell. She claims to be a descendant of the house and came here looking for family artifacts. We take her back with us to meet Vargas. They do not know of each other but she stays and discusses their family’s history as we head off to the undercity to a location where many members of House Fellwroth died during the Severing. We are here to retrieve an artifact that will help us in our quest – a magical shield. We find the old house and some undead guarding it. We defeat them and retrieve the Dragonscale Shield (level 19; Aurun is holding onto it). Upon returning to Vargas, he tells us that the shield will allow us to perform a ritual and open a portal to the throne room of House Traven. This ritual must be performed at Dead Man’s Cross – an intersection of 5 roads outside of Gloomwrought where people tend to get pulled into the Shadowfell. This is a dangerous ritual that kills most who attempt it. On our way to Dead Man’s Cross, we encounter a death giant and 2 night walkers. Silfen utters the expletive of his people, “Dicktits!” We defeat them, travel on and rest.
End Session with 5000 XP awarded, for a total of 93,350.



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